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Adventure in the World of Nature
One stormy autumn night when my grandnephew Roger was about twenty months old I wrapped him in a blanket and carried him down to the beach in the rainy darkness.Out there,just at the edge of where-we-couldn't-see big waves were thundering in,dimly seen white shapes that boomed and shouted and threw great handfuls of forth at us. Together we laughed for pure joy-he a baby meeting for the first time the wild tumult of oceanus, I wish the salt of half a lifetime of sea love in me.e But I think we felt the same spine-tingling response to the vast, roaring ocean and the wild night around us.
A night or two later the storm had blown itself out and I took Roger again to the beach, this time to carry him along the water's edge, piercing the darkness with the yellow cone of our flashlight. Although there was no rain the night was again noisy with breaking waves and the insistent wind. It was clearly a time and place where great and
elemental things prevailed.
One adventure on this particular night had to do with life, for we were searching for ghost crabs, those sand-colored, fleet-legged beings which Roger had sometimes glimpsed briefly on the beaches in daytime. But the crabs are chietly nocturnal, and when not roaming the night beaches they dig little pits near the surf line where they hide, seemingly watching and waiting for what the sea may bring themm. For me the sight of these small living creatures, solitary and fragile against the brute force of the sea, had moving philosophicovertones, and I do not pretend that Roger and I reacted with similar emotions. But it was good to see his infant acceptance of a world of elemental things,fearing neither the song of the wind nor the darkness nor the roaring surf, entering with baby excitement into the search for a " ghos."
It was hardly a conventional way to entertain one so young, I suppose, but now,with Ruger a little past his fourth birthday, we are continuing that sharing of adventures in the world of nature that we began in his babyhood, and I think the results are good. The sharing includes nature in storm as well as calm, by night as well as day, and is based on having tun together rather than on teaching.
1.从句“where we couldn't see"用连词符连接,相当于一个名词,作介词of的宾语。整个词组相当于“at the edge of the sea where we couldn't see(在我们看不见的大海的边缘)”的含义。
2.这是一个倒装的独立主格结构,正常语序应为:"white shapes dimly seen ...".由于that引导的定语从句用于修饰“shapes",故而将分词前置独立主格结构(Independent Genitive)是英语中常见的语法现象,由两部分组成,前一部分是名词或者代词,后一部分是非谓语动词(不定式、动名词和分词)或形容词、副词或介词短语.前后两部分具有逻辑主谓关系.独立主格结构在句中作状语,多用于书面语.独立主格结构本身不是句子,在句子中作状语,表示时间、原因、条件、伴随、目的等.
3.此句解释了两人大笑的原因。句中的“he a baby meeting for the first time the wild tumult of Oceanus"(还是婴儿的他第一次见到了海洋的喧哗)为独立主格结构,用作伴随状语,和主句构成一个对应的关系主句“I wish the salt of half a lifetime of sea love in me.”可理解成我希望能拥有大海一半的爱的情怀
4.此处“with”构成的介词短语用作状语,分词被前置,正常语序应为:"with the yellow cone of our flashlightpiercing the darkness"
5.关系代词“where”引导定语从句,修饰先行词“time and place"。句中的“great and elemental things"(伟大的自然的力量)指前句提到的汹涌的海浪和呼啸的风声。
6.连词“when"引导时间状语从句,由于主从句的主语同为“they,所以从句中主语省略,动词变成分词形式.主句中包含由关系词“where”引导的定语从句,修饰先行词"surf line",分词结构“seemingly watching and waiting for what the sea may bring them"用作状语,表示和主句谓语同时发生的动作.
7.因为罗杰太小。把“ghost crabs"说成了"ghos"

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